The importance of daily rhythms.


“Daily rhythms cut off the tyranny of the urgent.”

I first heard these words on a podcast about life’s stages and seasons. The speakers were describing the importance of living a life in constant pursuit of calling and meaning. They came to the conclusion that in order to live good lives that are not thrown around by ever-changing circumstances, we need order and stability in the areas of our lives we can control.

Since graduating in May, I’ve felt tossed around more than a few times. I know what it is to let circumstances dictate the kind of friend I’ll be and the kind of day I’ll have. Things that feel urgent constantly rise up and demand my attention, from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. For the past few months, nearly every day has looked different, and I hid behind my jobs to excuse myself from the hard work of discipline.

Because really, that’s what I was lacking. Discipline. Rhythms.

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